Decorating The Walls

Decorating your home doesn’t have to seem like a chore, in fact it can be very easy and fun just by using your favourite photos. If you have photos sitting in your camera or smartphone there are plenty of ways to turn those memories into some really great decor for your home! Here are a couple of options for you to fill up those walls with some of your favourite memories!

Hex Canvas

The hexagonal shape adds something unique and makes it easy to bunch several of them together creating a really neat design! This lightweight canvas is printed on a rigid sturdy board material for easy hanging. Folded to create a 1.75” full wrap edge.

Framed Prints

Something a little more traditional to help fill up an empty wall. The perfect package of print & frame! This solid wood frame with glass insert & hanging system is made complete with an acid free matte print. Available in 8×10”, 11×14” and 16×20”!

Metal Plaque

This modern and sleek plaque is great as a home decor option. Available in a variety of sizes making it easier to find the perfect one for your home.

Wood Plaque

This 5/8” thick wood plaque makes hanging your cherished memories easy. Available in 8×10”, 11×14” and 16×20”!

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