Funny Photo Series

“Okay now sit up straight, look right into the camera, big smiles, get ready… 1, 2, 3, say cheese!” You know, this isn’t the only way to take a portrait. Shake things up and create a funny photo series filled with character and creativity!

You can create your photo series with just portraits of yourself, you and a friend or your whole family. It’s simple and loads of fun, snap photos with crazy expressions, funny faces and look in different directions to make the photos seem like they are looking at each other. For instance, take a look at this photo series of these two sisters, the faces in the right and bottom photos appear to be looking and laughing at the photo in the top right. It not only makes these photos all related and ties them together, it also adds another hilarious dimension!

Create a crafty display for your photo series, like a hanging photo banner using yarn, paper and clothes pins! How great are their facial expressions!?

You can create and print a Collage using a whole bunch of your photos to create one great print with so much personality!

Get inspired, get silly and then get your funny photo series printed at your local Walmart store!