Here’s the Low Down

Sometimes it’s all about perspective! When taking a photo you can completely change the look and feel of your subject just by simply taking your photo from a different angle. We’ve all seen numerous pictures of flowers, pets and shoes and while these photos are all beautiful, by taking the photo from a low perspective we can create interest and texture, showing details we may not have seen before.

Try it out, next time you see your furry companion taking a nap get low to the ground, tilt you camera up until you see everything you want to capture in the viewfinder and snap your photo. By getting close to your pet this will bring the foreground into a nice crisp focus, while the background is slightly blurred, this is a great way to have the focal point on the face and really admire the whiskers or fur!

You may want to capture a favourite hobby of yours, like skateboarding for example. By taking a low perspective photo you really get to notice the wheels and frame of a skateboard – as opposed to photos taken from above which typically hides these features!

Perhaps running is something you enjoy, this sure does make an interesting photo! You really appreciate the different textures on the ground and unique patterns on the sole of the shoe.

Let’s take a look at nature from the view of a tiny bug. By capturing flowers from this view, the stems look beautifully elongated and the petals become illuminated!

Now get your camera and capture some uniquely interesting photos – and then print them out for everyone to enjoy!