How to Shoot Panoramic Prints

Shooting panoramic photos has never been easier. With the Panoramic option on our smartphones, anyone can take their own panoramic photos! It’s great to use when you need a longer shot to capture the moment you’re seeing. And with warmer weather coming up and all the adventures ahead, this little option on your smartphone might just be what you need once summer kicks in.

Position yourself where you think you’ll get the best shot of your scene, and make sure there are no moving subjects that can get into your photo. Open your camera application and select the panoramic option. There is an arrow and a line that will help guide you while you are taking your shot.

When you’re ready to take your photo, tap on the shutter button to begin. Move slowly and make sure you keep the arrow centred on the line!

And voìla, you have panoramic photos! Now visit and get your panoramic prints—available in 8×24”—and see your moments come to life!