Paws, Selfie Time!

To all of our pet owners, here’s a fun and comical photo idea to try out… Let’s add a furry spin to the “Selfie” craze and capture some unique photos that are on a whole other level of cuteness!

Essentially we need to arrange the photo to make it appear like your pet is holding the camera themselves. You can position your furry companion on their backs (a belly scratch, should do the trick). Then position their paw to have it close to the camera and snap a photo!

Have your pet sit on your lap and take a closeup.This will make the background minimal and out of focus, keeping the attention on your furry friend. Perhaps make it a selfie that shows off an outfit – we are loving this spiffy kitty!

Perhaps while playing in the park outside you can have your pet perform the “Paw” trick (where you basically are shaking hands) and you can snap the selfie. This will achieve the classic high angled selfie look!

While your pet is laying in their bed, get very close and low to the ground to take your photo. Your photo will be packed with fur and adorableness – how great is this grumpy guy?

Whether you’re posting your pet selfie on social media, sharing it with a friend or printing out a copy to hang above their water bowl… have fun and get snapping!