Photographing Kids (It can be done!)

Whether they are your own or not, photographing children of all ages can sometimes come as a challenge. Let these tips guide you in capturing the most perfect shots of the littlest people in your life!

1 – Get down on their level. That could mean getting on the ground and playing with them, or following them as they go about their activity. This is a great way to capture candid and authentic shots of your little one!

2 – Pull out the bells and whistles. For young children that don’t respond yet to instructions, get their attention by making a noise. Shake a rattle, alter your voice to be a bit more goofy, make duck sounds. Whatever it is that works, be sure to be camera ready as attention spans are very short. If all else fails bring out a small snack or treat.

3 – If you’re trying to capture a sibling photo. It may be easier to place them in a setting or situation where you can capture candid and real moments (ie: at the park playing with leaves, baking cookies together, or simply even cuddling on the couch watching their favourite movie!)

4 – Act out. When all else fails, if you make fun of yourself and act like a clown it will be pretty irresistibly funny or at least will create a laid back atmosphere where your child can feel relaxed. (no awkward smiles here!)

5 – Housekeeping. If your intention was to have a little photo fun with your kids make sure their faces are clean and their clothes are clean and not wrinkly. Bright colours always look good! But, sometimes the best moments are not planned so just go with the flow and have fun!