The Power of Three

Here’s how it works:

Most cameras (even your smartphone!) allow you to have 4 intersecting lines—2 horizontal and 2 vertical—to help you place your subjects in the right place. If your camera doesn’t have this feature, imagine the lines when you’re shooting photos. The lines create points of interest that will help you place your subjects in the shot properly.

When shooting one person, instead of centring them, let them align with one of the vertical lines. It creates a more lively picture than if they were in the middle.

When shooting 2 or more people, try to position as many as you can near intersections.

In landscape shots, align the horizon along one of the horizontal lines. In the example shot, putting the boat off-centre and aligning the water on the bottom line, gives the snow-covered land in the background more weight.

Now you’re ready! Next time you’re shooting photos, keep the rule of thirds in mind and see your photos change just by placing objects in your shot differently! The only thing that is left to do is to take your newly transformed photos and print them online at