Valentine’s Day Collage Poster

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, find the perfect gift for loved ones at Photographs are a great reminder of all the memories you have shared together. If you have a lot of photos to choose from, the Collage Poster is a great way to display all those memories.

The first step is to choose the photos you will use. Remember, you can add up to 16 of your favourite photos in a single poster!

The Walmart Photo Centre builder allows you to customize borders and text to truly make the collage your own!

Personalize it by changing the colour of the border to match your images, and adding text to write a unique message for your loved one.

Instead of a message, you can also write the date and event where each photo was taken, to look back on all the moments you have with one another. No matter how you personalize your Collage Poster, it’ll be a wonderful way to show off all your photos together!

Happy collaging!