Collage Wall

Have an empty wall that needs something, but you aren’t sure what?
Look no further, Walmart Photo Centre has the perfect solution. Why not have fun designing a collage wall using some of your favourite photos!

So now that you have your wall, the next step will be to decide which photos you will use. Do you want to showcase a specific event, like your wedding day? or did you have fun one day at the park with your camera phone? Whichever you choose just have fun with it, because you are the lead designer!

Next you can decide the style of your frames. Here is where you can let your personality soar as framing options are endless. Try a simple black or white frame with matte, or a collection of frames in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours.

So now that you have decided what images you want to use, head over to your local Walmart Photo Centre and print all the different sizes you will need to execute your Collage wall Design.


Have a friend help you hang your photos one at a time creating the perfect layout!

Now that you have your completed wall remember this is only the beginning! With a fresh set of images and a slight rearranging of frames you can have a completely different look as often as you wish!

Happy Collaging!