Have you ever spent a whole day going through old pictures stashed away on your computer. You sit there wondering “What am I going to do with all these pictures?” No one gets to see them, and you did make the effort to take the photos, so show them off! Here is something fun you could try…

While going through your photos, choose a few that you think would fit nicely into a modern day environment. For example, if you have someone sitting on steps, get that photo printed. Go for a walk and find an area that also has steps. Simply hold up the older photograph in the new environment and snap a photo of it all. You may need a friend to lend a helping hand with either holding the existing picture or snapping the new photograph as it may be difficult to do both all alone. This idea works especially well if you used a really old photo or if you get the new one printed in black and white. If you walk around with an imaginative and open mind, it will be a lot easier to re-imagine the different environments. Get several photos printed because you never know when you could use it or how perfect it may be in an environment. If you really like the outcome of the new photograph, you can get it enlarged and hang it on your wall. You then technically have an awesome 2 in 1 enlargement hanging on your wall.

Now, when people come over, don’t get upset when they want to steal your idea, because it really does look so cool!