Lighting is key

It’s summer season, and it’s time to take advantage of the extensive amounts of daylight we receive. With all the adventures and activities we do outside, a lot of photos will be taken under the sun. But it doesn’t always end up pretty. Why is that and how do we fix it? Well lighting is key! Knowing where the sun is in relation to you will help you take better photos for the season.

Snapping photos with the sun in front of you isn’t the ideal situation, because it creates shadows on your subject. If you’re trying to capture a silhouette, then the sun’s position in front of you is perfect. If that’s not what you want to capture, make sure you focus on the shadows to create a softer and better lit image.

If you are taking photos on your smartphone, tap the light and dark areas of your shot to auto correct the brightness and contrast. Once you’re satisfied with how your shot is lit, take your pic!

The shot that most people try take is when the sun is behind them, because it makes your shot brighter, more colourful, crisp, and lively. Just be careful, it might be too bright! An overexposed photo could lose texture and details.

Light on the side is the best balance you can have. With the sun on your side your subject is well lit and has subtle shadows giving your subject more detail, depth, and texture.

Now go outside, enjoy the sun and be sure to take lots of pictures. Don’t forget to visit and print your new amazing photos.