Off Centred

Many people think that placing the subject of a photograph in the centre of the photo is the best thing to do. Well, that is not necessarily true. Doing that will actually give your photo less interest…

A method that many photographers learn is called the “Rule of Thirds.” This in simple terms is a grid that can be used to help take more dynamic pictures. It is 2 lines going vertically and 2 lines going horizontally  creating a grid of 9 squares across your screen. By placing the subject of your photograph on one of the grid lines or where the lines intersect, you can photograph a much more dynamic picture. It adds a sense of balance and depth to your picture that you wouldn’t receive from placing everything centred. If you’re an iPhone user, you can change your settings to make the grid appear. Go to; Settings> Photos & Camera> Camera Grid. This setting can easily be turned on or off but is a great feature to have while getting used to taking more off centred, dynamic pictures. You will notice your pictures increase in quality, so much that you may even begin to think you have turned into a photographer overnight. You can see here how having the subject photographed off centre gives the picture more movement leading your eye from the left side of the landscape all the way across to the right and focused on the ferris wheel.

Now have fun and play by the rule, rule of thirds that is!