Pet Photography Tips

Being a pet owner can be both a lot of fun along with being very stressful…and by stressful we mean why is it so hard to take a photo of every cute moment with our pets?! With these easy tips we hope we can make taking those adorable photos of your pets a little easier.


Using natural light will provide you with more control of your light source and can also help soften the photos. This can make it easier for editing those photos later on. Try to avoid using flash if possible as it can sometimes give the photos a harsh and flat look.


Some pets are easier to work with than others, but we love them all just the same. One of the keys to taking good pet photos is to be patient and wait for that perfect moment before snapping away. One thing we found that has helped is getting your pet to make eye contact with the camera. Try your best to get your their attention, whether it be calling their name or holding up their favourite treat! If you have a second person to help you with a certain photo, even better! Once your pet has locked eyes with the camera that’s your chance to grab that great photo you’ve been looking for.

Up Close & Personal

Getting down to your pets level can help you focus on more specific features that your pet might have like their big ears or cute button nose. It can also help you better capture things like textures or the facial expressions they might make when it’s time to play.

Finishing Touches

Editing your photos by using an app or the default smartphone filters can help enhance different features like sharpness or colour in your photos. Once you are fully satisfied with your images head over to to print your photos and create some really neat products!