Shapes, Lines and Curves

The world is such a big and beautiful place made up of an infinite amount of shapes, lines and curves. Just about anything that is photographed contains those three elements which can help expand your awareness and create some really cool photography.

Shapes are everywhere and are created naturally or they can be formed using the lines and curves within your photos. We are able to gather so much information just by looking at shapes such as size, weight, depth, texture and even its importance compared to other objects in the photo.

Lines help lead the way and can act as guides. Our eyes naturally follow vertical and horizontal lines and this usually helps photographers when they want to guide you to a specific area of the photo. Lines can also help you create depth and add direction to your photos.

Curves allow us to create movement within our photos and allow them to have more life. Curves can also help create peace, energy and even something as easy as creating a balance with the rest of the objects in the photo.

Shapes, lines and curves play a part in every photo even if some are more noticeable than others. Having the knowledge about how each of these elements can be used and what each can offer will benefit both you and your photography. You can then take your photos and visit where you’ll be able to create your very own custom Print Book!