Throw a Haunted Halloween Party!

People are brimming with excitement around Halloween. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth, enjoy carving pumpkins, or just love watching a scary movie, Halloween has got something for everyone! This year, why not throw a spooktacular Halloween party with your friends and family? Here are some ideas that we think will help make sure your party is a hit!

Invite your fiends

First things first, you’ll need to get everyone together. People are going to need to know the time and place to show up, so make sure everyone gets the invite with a custom 6×8 Express Card. You won’t want people going to the wrong haunted house.

Get your spirits up

You’ll want to make sure your home has that ghastly Halloween feeling. Set up some spooky decorations with some cotton cobwebs or paper bats! Decorate the front porch by putting out some spooky pumpkins that you so carefully carved. Scarecrows are also a Halloween classic, after all, birds aren’t the only things they frighten.

Creepy Crafts

How about some activities for the kids? A pumpkin decoration station will be plenty of fun! Be sure to have plenty of paint and have someone supervise since its sure to get a little messy. You could also grab some coloured construction paper, markers, and googly eyes to make some creepy critters too!

Feed your ghoulish guests

Finally, you can really drive it home with some monster themed snacks for your hungry guests. Try serving up some mummy dogs made with hot dogs and crescent dough. Or you could let your inner zombie out by making finger shaped cookies with almond nails!

Remember to take lots of photos, you’ll want to remember this monster bash for years to come. Commemorate the event by visiting with a custom Print Book, Coasters, or a Value Canvas of everyone’s costumes.

You can make Halloween into whatever you want it to be; it can be as big as costume party with all your friends, or a cozy night in with the family watching Halloween classics in the dark. The season comes and goes, so the most important part is to have fun and make some memories. Happy Halloween!